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What Teeth Straightening Options are Available for Adults?

Teeth brace technology is the same regardless of age, however, the duration and type of teeth braces you need are determined by your teeth and jaw issues. The sooner overbites, crowding, and other jaw problems are addressed, the less troublesome such dental issues will become when you age.

There are lots of adults who wish that they could improve the appearance of their teeth. Many people have spent years smiling with a closed mouth, or even behind their hand. For some of them, their biggest regret in life is that they didn’t straighten their teeth when they were younger.

One of the most notable benefits of adult orthodontics – including Invisalign Braces and Ceramic Braces – is how an improvement in someone’s smile can bring about considerable changes in their appearance, confidence and attitude.

At Dental Pro, we have provided many orthodontic treatments to adults for decades. You can trust the dental experts at our Bossley Park Dentists Clinics and our Gladesville Dentists Clinic to deliver 5-star customer service with high-quality adult teeth braces treatments using industry-leading advanced technology.

What are the Options for Adult Teeth Braces Sydney?

Wire braces and Invisalign braces are two orthodontic treatments that straighten crooked or misaligned teeth.

Wire teeth braces work by gradually moving the teeth into a straight line with the aid of wires and brackets. Invisalign, on the other hand, straightens the teeth using a system of simple aligners that gradually move the teeth into the proper position.

Choosing between the two types of teeth braces can be challenging because each has differences in price, convenience, and appearance. It is essential first to understand the distinctions between traditional braces and Invisalign, as this will help you determine which solution suits your needs and circumstances appropriately.

If the thought of wearing teeth braces as an adult makes you nervous, keep in mind that teeth braces are a temporary solution that allows you to achieve your perfect smile after the treatment and keeping your teeth and gums healthy in the long run.

Although if you are still hesitant to commit to teeth braces Sydney, speak to our dentists as we provide alternative orthodontic techniques that can help you overcome your dental problems.

Our orthodontist experts have vast expertise and experience in a variety of solutions.  In some situations, partial braces, accelerated orthodontics or dental implants may be an excellent alternative to full braces.

Wire Teeth Braces

Ceramic braces and metal braces have the same structure as they both use specialised archwise and brackets to push your teeth into the desired position.

The major difference between the two teeth braces options is aesthetics. The brackets on ceramic braces are tooth-coloured or clear porcelain which creates a less visible look. Whereas the metal brackets on metal teeth braces are much more visible.

As a result, ceramic braces or clear aligners are a more attractive choice for adults who want less visible teeth braces. Those who are hesitant to seek care because of the negative effects metal braces will have on their social and personal lives find ceramic braces as an ideal choice.

Invisalign Teeth Braces

The third option of teeth braces at Dental Pro is Invisalign Braces, which were the first clear aligners on the market and is now the most well-known brand synonymous with clear teeth braces.

Invisalign braces are a virtually invisible and fully hygienic alternative to conventional orthodontic braces, offering a quick, fast, and painless treatment procedure to efficiently and incrementally mould the teeth to the optimal positioning

Invisalign braces are made up of a custom-tailored translucent tray that lies over the teeth, equivalent to a mouthguard. The Invisalign tray is specially designed to move the teeth into position with gentle pressure.

The aligner is worn for up to 21 hours a day before the teeth have progressed enough to require the next aligner. In other words, as the teeth straighten, a new tray is created to keep the teeth moving to the next stage. The number of clear aligners and stages depends on where the client’s teeth are at the beginning of the process.

Interest-Free Payments Plans Available for Adult Teeth Braces Sydney

While braces may be costly, they could be less than you think. Again, there is no simple answer, and it all depends on how long you have been wearing braces and whether or not you follow your dentist’s advice (particularly if you wear removable aligners).

A great smile is an investment that should last for the rest of your life. This is why at Dental Pro, we offer fairly tailored deals and an interest-free instalment schedule to meet the requirements. Eligible patients can spread their payments out over 6-12 months to fit their schedule. If, on the other hand, you want to pay the whole amount in advance, you will get a 5% discount.

Dental Pro offers many flexible payment plans at our Gladesville Dentist Clinic and Bossley Park Dentist Clinic, from Zip Pay, After Pay, GE Money and interest-free payment plans. Talk to us for more details; we are happy to help!

As well as NO GAP check-up package including exam, clean, x-ray and fluoride for Private Health Insurance Members. For adults without Private Health Insurance, we have special offers for you as well! With a $199 check-up package including an exam, scale, polish, x-ray and fluoride. Or a $160 check-up package including an exam, scale, polish and fluoride.

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