What is Sedation Dentistry At Dental Pro Sydney?

Sedation Dentistry or Sleep Dentistry can also be referred to as “Twilight Sleep”, “Twilight Sedation” or “Conscious sedation”. This sedation technique is performed before further dental work, aiming to make you more relaxed throughout your dental treatments.

Specifically, at Dental Pro, we use intravenous (IV) sedation administered and supervised by a qualified and experienced medical doctor. Sedation Dentistry at Dental Pro Sydney is the most advanced form of sleep dentistry available, using a combination of sedative and pain-relieving drugs to create a safe drowsy and dream-like state for your dental procedure.

When performed by a skilled professional dentist, Sleep Dentistry is a modern, safe and highly effective technique that will make your visit to the dentist a relaxing, comfortable and an enjoyable experience. Typically, patients will leave their dentist appointment with little memory about their procedure and feel relaxed.

Who is Best Suited for Sedation Dentistry Sydney?

Sleep Dentists tend to recommend sedation for three specific reasons. First for lengthy and complicated dental situations such as wisdom teeth extraction. Second, the sedation treats and calms down nervous patients so their dental procedure can run smoothly. Finally, for patients who are unable to tolerate the pain when visiting the dentist in general, for example, people who have trouble with their gag reflex.

As with any procedure at Dental Pro Sydney, we first discuss if you would make a good candidate for our service. Dental Pro dentists will evaluate your personal medical history to ensure that sedation is safe for you, as going under anaesthesia can carry some risk for certain people. But generally, most people are suited for sedation dentistry.

If you are approved for Sedation Dentistry, our professional sleep dentists at Dental Pro will then choose the best sedative based on your medical history. There is no universal sedative used for this service. Instead, based on a patient’s age, health history and type of dental procedure will decipher what sedative Dental Pro dentists will administer. In general, the most commonly used sedatives include midazolam, diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), and propofol.

What is the Cost of Sedation Dentistry Sydney?

The cost of sleep dentistry varies depending on the type of dental treatment you require, and the type of sedation you require based on personal characteristics and medical history.

At Dental Pro, we offer flexible payments to suit your family’s needs, so you can pay how and when you want. Talk to us for more details, we are happy to help!

What are Dental Pro’s Locations for Sedation Dentistry Services Sydney?

Overcome your dentist fears with Dental Pro’s sedation services. Dental Pro Sydney provides high-quality treatments with advanced technology and five-star customer service for children, teens and adults. Dental Pro has two Sydney locations, with professional dental practitioners in Gladesville and Bossley Park. Our Gladesville Dentists and Bossley Park Dentists support our clients through every step of the dentistry service from ceramic braces, clear aligners, sedation dentistry, dental veneers, dental implants and more dentistry services in Sydney. Dental Pro is a proud professional partner of Invisalign Braces.

From cosmetic dentistry in Gladesville, braces in Ryde and many more orthodontic services in Bossley Park, Dental Pro is your local Sydney orthodontist you can trust. Make an appointment online today. At Dental Pro, we offer flexible payments to suit your family’s needs, so you can pay how and when you want. Talk to us on (02) 9753 3322 or email for more details. We are happy to help!

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