Advanced Technology

What Dental Technology do we have at Dental Pro?

IntraOral Camera

Helping us getting a closer look inside your mouth, Dental Pro has invested in an intraoral digital cameras. This technology enables an easy and comfortable inspection of your mouth at your regular check-ups, and also lets you see what your dentist sees.

With bright LED light source, the intraoral digital camera also allows us to diagnose fractures the naked eye would not be able to see.

OPG (Orthopantomogram) x-ray

intraoral_camera1An OPG gives a panoramic view of the mouth, giving information about the teeth as well as the bones of the upper and lower jaw.

An OPG aims to give a view of the jaw while blurring out other structures of the face and skull. This is done using a technique called “tomography”. As the X-ray tube moves around your head, the x-ray film moves in the opposite direction behind your head.

This generates an image where the jaw is in focus, and the skull is blurred.

And most importantly, our digital OPG system utilises only 50% of the radiation of a conventional x-ray. Digital x-rays can be viewed almost instantaneously on an overhead monitor, as there is no film processing required. This is significant in providing you with a more efficient service.

In-Chair entertainment

For our patients’ comfort our in-chair entertainment has a large full HD monitor where videos and images can be showed for you to relax and feel at home.

2015-09-30_0926Automatic External Defibrillator

With an increasingly ageing population and patients with complex medical histories, the Dental Pro Team is prepared for the worst-case scenario. The AED is available on site, if needed. Our New generation AED (New generation of life saving technology) with CPR advisor (In order to maintain high-quality CPR) will increase the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.


LED-UnitWhiteSpeed ZOOM, the Ultimate LED Unit

The ultimate ZOOM WhiteSpeed unit is available at Dental Pro. For a teeth-whitening experience like never before, speak to our friendly staff for more information.