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Wetherill Park Orthodontist Treatment

If you need an orthodontist in Wetherill Park with years of experience helping adults and children achieve beautifully aligned smiles, you’ve come to the right place. We can help anyone of any age correct the alignment of their teeth in a variety of ways to ensure we meet your needs.

Best Child Orthodontists in Wetherill Park

Orthodontics has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. We love nothing more than helping both children and adults achieve a beautifully straight smile that will last a lifetime. Our child orthodontists in Wetherill Park will closely monitor the development of your child’s teeth and take appropriate measures when necessary.

Every child develops differently, but an orthodontist will want to see them once their adult teeth have come through. Although only a small percentage of children need treatment at seven years old, it’s important to check in in case they’re one of the few that would benefit from early intervention.

Why Choose Dental Pro Dentists for Orthodontic Treatments

Children are typically required to wear braces for 18-24 months. Orthodontic treatment is not normally painful but there may be a little discomfort in the first few days after having braces put on. Giving your child a gorgeous smile for the rest of their life is an investment you simply can’t put a price on. That’s why we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans. It’s never been easier to get a stunning smile!

The good news is that braces aren’t just for children. If you wish you’d had your teeth straightened as a teenager, you’re in luck! For many adults, their teeth are the cause of low self-confidence. Having braces could drastically improve your self-esteem and appearance in ways you’ve only dreamed about.

Invisalign is the most common treatment for aligning adult teeth. Similar to a mouthguards, this clear mould sits over your teeth and gently applies pressure to align the teeth. As your teeth begin to adjust, you will move on the next aligner and stage until you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

By wearing a clear Invisalign teeth tray for up to 21 hours a day, you could undo one of your biggest regrets and finally get your teeth fixed. It’s never too late to have a smile to be proud to show off.

It’s Time to Get The Smile You’ve Always Wanted

If you’ve always wished you’d corrected your teeth when you were younger, now you can. Using painless and innovative treatment, you could have a beautiful straight, natural-looking smile in no time! We can also help children achieve a flawless smile that will stay with them their entire lives and that’s truly priceless.

To speak to us about our payment plans and how we can help you, email, call or book an appointment with an orthodontist in Wetherill Park online today.

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Orthodontics has come a long way from the days of bulky, heavy, metal wires and brackets. At Dental Pro, our orthodontists’ goal is to help children and adults achieve an ideal occlusion (bite) and a straight, healthy and beautiful smile for life.