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Dental Pro are here for you. We’ve got a lovely, professional team, each qualified in different areas. Even If you’re not so sure about dentists, the staff in our Mount Vernon dentist studio will help to calm your nerves. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can understand our treatments and how they’ll benefit you. Good oral health can help build confidence and self-esteem, not just your health. Read More

How to Improve Your Dental Health at Home

Regular dental appointments are essential, but there are ways you can keep up your oral health in-between visits.

  • Brush your teeth properly – This might sound like an obvious one, but it’s one people can neglect without realising. Inadequate brushing is almost as bad for your teeth as not brushing at all. Move your toothbrush in gentle, circular motions for about 2 minutes. Make sure you brush your teeth before bed as well as when you wake up as this removes the plaque which may build up throughout the day.
  • Brush your tongue – This is often forgotten by even the best tooth brushers. Plaque builds up on your tongue too, leaving you with bad breath and other oral health problems.
  • Use a high-quality toothpaste – Fluoride is best. Fluoride fights germs which lead to tooth decay and is important in your oral hygiene. Whichever toothpaste you use, make sure it has fluoride in it to create a protective barrier over your teeth.
  • Floss every day – Once a day is enough, but it’s an important aspect that is often overlooked. It stimulates the gums and helps lower inflammation and plaque. Some people find flossing harder, so there are ready-to-use flossers on the market. They’re also great for taking on-the-go if you’ve got a big date or interview coming up.
  • Use mouthwash – Mouthwash helps in three ways: it helps to reduce the acids in your mouth, cleans hard to brush areas, and re-mineralises the teeth. They’re great for those who struggle to brush but should be used alongside your normal brushing routine.
  • Look at your diet – Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating the right foods. Crunchy fruits and vegetables are great for strengthening teeth and contain more fibre. Sugary and acidic foods should be limited, but not eliminated. Sugar converts to acid in the mouth which can erode enamel and create cavities. However, sugar is important to have in your diet to maintain a healthy body, so don’t avoid it altogether.

Our Mount Vernon Dentists Are Ready To Help

At Dental Pro, we’re not just mount vernon dentists: we’re relationship builders. We care about you and we can create a personalised care plan for your teeth and improve your smile. We have a wide range of treatments ready to improve your oral health, from orthodontics to simple check-ups for all ages.

To book your appointment today, give us a call on 02 9753 3322 today or fill out one of our contact forms. We take a range of different payment methods, including Afterpay, Zip Pay, GE Money, and even our own monthly payment plan.

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