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For more than ten years, our team at Dental Pro have been providing the very best in dentistry for the whole community. We offer several specialist services, from orthodontics to dental surgery, and we have been helping our clients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles all over the local area. Read More

Dental Pro – Caring Dentists Serving the Community in Fairfield NSW

When it comes to choosing the best dentist in Fairfield NSW, you need to look at not only the services they offer, but the way they offer them. Here at Dental Pro we are proud of our five-star customer service, and we have hundreds of satisfied clients who maintain a healthy, beautiful smile thanks to the customised treatment plans we create for them.

We offer bespoke, tailored plans to suit all needs and budgets. We offer bulk billing for Medicare with our youngest clients, we work with Private Health Insurance providers and we also offer interest-free payment plans.

What Can I Expect from a Visit to Your Local Dentist in Fairfield – Dental Pro?

We offer dental examinations to everyone – from the very young to the elderly. Looking after your oral health is important – not only to maintain a beautiful smile, but also to diagnose and prevent long-term issues like periodontitis and tooth loss.

During an examination, we may offer a physical examination, a scale and polish, x-rays and advice – and then, depending on your needs, we may recommend other treatments that we think will help you improve your smile.


One of the services we offer for adults is access to orthodontics. Technology and innovation have come a long way from the traditional braces, and as an adult it is never too late to get your teeth aligned.

Our expert team have a range of options available for adults looking to achieve a perfectly straight smile. We can offer Invisalign clear retainers, traditional metal braces with stainless steel brackets, or ceramic braces with clear brackets. Whichever option you decide is right for you, we can offer you interest-free monthly payments or a 5% discount if you choose to pay the total cost upfront. Your dentist will advise on the procedure that is best for you – and don’t forget there are other treatment options we can discuss, including accelerated orthodontics, implants and partial braces. During your orthodontic treatment you will be offered regular cleaning appointments and you will need to follow a meticulous brushing and flossing routine at home.

Tooth Extraction and Replacement

If you require tooth extraction and replacement as part of your treatment plan, you can rest assured knowing that our clinic offers hospital-grade infection control as well as state-of-the-art sedation. Our sedation is IV administered and supervised by a qualified and experienced medical professional, and we utilise a form of conscious sedation known as ‘sleep dentistry’. Essentially, a combination of sedative and pain relief medication is used to induce a drowsy, dream-like state, where a patient maintains a level of deep, calming relaxation for the duration of the procedure. This is a modern, safe and highly effective way of making any procedure comfortable, relaxing and more enjoyable – and we can utilise this for all dental treatment if necessary.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Through a combination of regular dental appointments and a good oral care routine, preventing tooth problems before they develop will save you money, time and pain in the long run. We want to provide you with the very best in advice and treatment – whatever stage of your oral health journey you are at.

For more information about finding the best Fairfield NSW dentist, contact Dental Pro today.

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“Our Mission is to focus on your oral health and wellbeing by reaching a stage were only maintenance treatment is required”

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