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Are You Looking for a Dentist Near Edensor Park?

At Dental Pro, our Edensor Park dentist will treat you with patience and understanding, providing an unrivalled service that your teeth will thank you for.

Dental Pro: Here for All the Family

Dental Pro is proud to be able to take care of the whole family and we offer a range of services that cater from the youngest to the oldest person in your household.

From a young age, children need to be taught the importance of regularly brushing their teeth and having regular check-ups to ensure that everything is how it should be. By starting these habits early, your child has a much better chance of having good dental hygiene for life. After all, your teeth are designed to last you a lifetime and you want them to be in the best possible condition.

As part of our dental care for children, we can advise you on the best way to look after their teeth. Along with this, we accept the Children’s Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), which can allow you to have access to the basic benefits to ensure your child’s teeth have the best start in life.

At Dental Pro, we are also here for the rest of the family. We provide regular check-ups for adults, which not only assess the current health of your teeth and gums but also check whether any preventative treatment is needed.

Typical procedures that we offer include white fillings that take away any pain that you might be experiencing from tooth decay. By filling the hole with acrylic resin, fine glass and silicon particles, you can still have a beautiful and natural smile.

Should You Need Any Oral Surgery, Dental Pro Can Provide It For You.

Oral surgery may be required for several reasons. Wisdom tooth extraction is common, and this is often because they can become infected, and therefore removal is often the best course of action.

Having a beautiful smile is something that everyone deserves. If you have missing teeth, it can be devastating and affect your confidence. We can help by providing dentures that are either complete or partial, which are custom-made for you and can give you back your smile and confidence.

Along with family dental procedures, we also have a range of cosmetic, orthodontic and specialised dentistry on offer.

Your First Choice for Dentistry in Edensor Park

With Dental Pro, we care for the whole family and we can ensure that everyone has that winning smile they deserve.

You can come to us with confidence as we always put our customers first and we are extremely proud of our excellent customer service. This, coupled with our outstanding infection control, makes us the dentist in Edensor Park for your family.

Contact us for more information about any of our services or to book an appointment for you or your child.

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“Our Mission is to focus on your oral health and wellbeing by reaching a stage were only maintenance treatment is required”

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