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For more than ten years, Dental Pro have been providing outstanding dental services to the local community. As a dentist near Canley Heights we have a wide range of services available to our clients. Read More

Dental Pro – Compassionate, Caring and Competent Dentists in Canley Heights

From children’s dental services to adult general dentistry, braces and aligners to tooth whitening, the team at Dental Pro provide the very best in service and customer care as well as the latest in dental technology.

We want you to achieve the best possible smile – straight, white and healthy, and if you choose us as your Canley Heights Dentist then we can work with you to achieve that goal.

General Dentistry – Dental Pro Cares

Here at Dental Pro we understand that to get the healthiest mouth, oral hygiene and care needs to be at the forefront. This is why we make sure that all our clients receive the very best advice whenever they come to us – and whether it is a routine examination or dental surgery, we want you to leave with the knowledge to take care of your mouth at home.

When it comes to General Dentistry, as a dentist in Canley Heights, we have worked with the very young to the very old. Whether you need a scale and polish, a filling, an extraction or even veneers or whitening, you can rest assured that you will receive the very best dental care from an expert in the field.

For an adult, we can provide an oral health check that includes a full examination, clean, x rays, fluoride and fissure treatment. This service is covered under Private Health Insurance, but if you are not covered, then this will cost only $149.

If you need more advanced services, we will help you to decide on a bespoke oral health care plan, including not only regular check-up appointments but an idea of how we can help you achieve that beautiful, healthy smile.

We are qualified to offer and give advice on:

Here at Dental Pro, we have a diverse team of qualified dentists, who are experts in their fields and have a real passion for oral health. Our team are always on the lookout for the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs that allow them to be able to diagnose and treat a wide range of oral problems. This means that we are always at the forefront of dental innovation – and that is why we can offer a wide variety of specialist dental services.

Headaches, Snoring, Teeth-Grinding – The Dental Pro Solution

Alongside our general dentistry, oral care and health advice, and orthodontic expertise, the team at Dental Pro are also able to help with a wide range of conditions that can be improved with the right oral care.

If you or a loved one, suffer from Bruxism (tooth-grinding), TMJ dysfunction (temporomandibular joint dysfunction), or snoring/sleep apnoea, our specialists can work with other health care practitioners to create custom made bite splints that will help solve your problems and restore your oral health.

For more information about oral health and how choosing Dental Pro as your preferred dentist in Canley Heights will give you the best, healthiest and whitest smile, contact our friendly team for an appointment today.

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“Our Mission is to focus on your oral health and wellbeing by reaching a stage were only maintenance treatment is required”

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