Crown & Bridge

Crowns are one of the strongest long-term solutions when restoring a tooth to its full function and appearance. Made from high-grade ceramic material and designed to cover a single tooth, a crown is placed when damage or extensive dental work is too widespread to utilise a filling.

Though traditionally used for reconstructive purposes, crowns are increasingly utilised in cosmetic dental procedures to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. The restoration process begins with a dental implant inserted to replace a missing tooth root.

When replacing several missing teeth, a bridge is a popular choice for restoring your smile. A bridge is made up of several teeth, held by crowns secured to sound teeth on either side of the space, which prevent your adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant space and opposing teeth moving out of alignment.

To ensure the long-term success of your treatment, your Dental Pro team will conduct a thorough examination and careful preparation, prior to receiving your crown or bridge. Receiving a crown or bridge can often be completed in just two appointment visits. And of course, it is important to adhere to a rigorous at-home oral care routine and schedule regular check-up appointments with Dental Pro, to be certain all your teeth and gums are free from decay, plaque build-up and gum disease.