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At Dental Pro, we work closely with Bupa and a number of different health insurance companies to make sure that everyone can afford to have good oral health. It’s important for your overall health to look after your mouth, so we like to know that it’s affordable and available to everyone. Read More

What is BUPA Dentistry?

BUPA is a widely used insurance company who help people all over the world. They cover a range of different things from dentistry and general health to car and home insurance.

In terms of dentistry, they help to make things easier and more affordable. Because we work as BUPA dentists in Wetherill Park, they can cover the costs of most dental procedures, meaning that:

  • There aren’t any out of pocket charges for children’s dentist appointments, including check-ups, teeth cleaning, white fillings, x-rays and more
  • Your dentist check-ups will be paid for by your insurance
  • It covers any dental emergencies you might encounter
  • Dentistry is available to everyone
  • All BUPA dental practices are accredited as part of BUPA’s commitment to excellent customer service
  • BUPA members with extra cover are eligible for between 60-100% off most dental procedures
  • They can cover more than private dental insurance companies can, such as cosmetic surgery

Because we’re BUPA dentists in Wetherill Park, you know you’ll be getting the highest quality care and procedures. All of our staff must be well trained and experienced and give great customer service to be able to work closely with BUPA

Wetherill Park BUPA Dentist for All Your Dental Health Improvement

There are several different things you should be practising at home to keep your dentist appointments as check-ups only.

You should look at your diet. Try and stay away from overly sugary foods. Try and incorporate crunchy fruit and vegetables into your diet instead, such as carrots, celery, and apples to keep your teeth healthy. Some of the worst culprits for sugars are pudding mix, ice cream, dried and canned fruit, cakes, lollipops, chocolate, yoghurt, and cereal bars. Keep an eye on the amount of sugar in the nutritional values on the packaging, and you’ll be surprised at how much sugar you’re consuming.

Brush your teeth properly and regularly. You should brush your teeth twice a day, but it’s most important to do it at night. Brushing gets rid of all the plaque and bacteria built up throughout the day and reduce the likelihood of cavities. Don’t forget to brush your tongue too. Forgetting to brush your tongue is the most common mistake people make, which leads to bad breath and other oral health problems. Flossing and using mouthwash are also great ways to keep your mouth healthy, but these only need to be done once a day to gain the benefits.

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To see a BUPA dentist around Wetherill Park, give us a call on 02 9753 3322 or fill out our online contact form. We provide a range of different treatments, whether they’re routine or emergency.

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