Orthodontics has come a long way from the days of bulky, heavy, metal wires and brackets. At Dental Pro, our orthodontists’ goal is to help children and adults achieve an ideal occlusion (bite) and a straight, healthy and beautiful smile for life.

Braces options we offer:

  • Invisalign (clear aligners).
  • Traditional ceramic Braces (Clear upper & Clear Lower Brackets).
  • Traditional metal Braces (Steel Brackets).

For Kids, at our Dental Clinic, the dental team will monitor your child’s development and intervene at the first sign of any irregularities. This can sometimes reduce treatment time in fixed braces or even eliminate the need to fixed braces by the time your child reaches the all-important high school years.

For Adult, Ceramic braces or clear aligners are much less noticeable, and therefore more appealing to adults who were reluctant to undergo treatment due to the impact metal braces would have on their smile appearance in their social and professional life.


FAQ - Children & Teenagers Braces:

Every child is an individual, some treatments can begin from as early as 7 years old. Usually, orthodontists want to see a child when their adult teeth start to come in when they are about 6 or 7 years old. About 5% of children could benefit from early treatment at this age, but it is important to see them early so those that would benefit are identified.

Early orthodontic treatment can save money and time in the future, sometimes avoiding the need for braces altogether. Therefore, it’s really important to speak to a specialist orthodontist as soon as you have any concerns about your child’s smile.

It depends on individual circumstances and whether braces are the only option for your child. A child usually wears braces for approximately 18-24 months.

After a consultation with our orthodontist specialist, you will be given suggestions for the best options for your child.

We offer several alternatives to braces, including partial braces, headgear and functional appliances. To find out what is the best treatment option for your child, book an initial consultation and our orthodontist specialist will thoroughly review your child’s specific needs and answer your questions.

The good news is that orthodontic treatment isn’t usually painful. There may be some mild discomfort for 1 or 2 days, similar to the sensation of having a piece of food stuck between your teeth. This can usually managed with children’s Panadol, if they need it at all.

At Dental Pro we believe it’s very important to manage any potential discomfort, with the aim that the child is happy to continue with treatment.

Giving your child a great smile is an investment that can last for the rest of their life. At Dental Pro we feel for the families cost of living. Why we usually provide reasonably tweaked packages with interest free payment plan which suites your need. On the other side, if you decided to pay the cost in total upfront then a rewarding discount of 5% will apply. Talk to us for more details.

The payment option available are:

  • Interest FREE monthly instalment payment plan is available. We will design a payment plan to suites your need. Talk to us, we are happy to help!!
  • Pay the total cost upfront, we will reward you back with 5% discount.

FAQ - Adult Braces

There are lots of adults who wish that they could improve the appearance of their teeth. Many people have spent years smiling with a closed mouth, or even behind a hand. For some of them, their biggest regret in life is that they didn’t straighten their teeth when they were younger. One of the most amazing benefits of adult orthodontics is how an improvement in someone’s smile can bring about huge changes in their appearance, confidence and attitude.

Probably the most widely known option for straightening teeth without the use of metal braces, Invisalign™ serial aligners are a clear tray that sits over your teeth, similar to a mouthguard. The tray is moulded so that gentle pressure moves the teeth towards alignment. The aligner is worn up to 21 hours a day until the teeth have moved enough to require the fitting of the next aligner. As the teeth straighten, a new tray is created to keep moving the teeth to the next stage. The number of aligners and stages depend on where the teeth are to start with.

Sometimes traditional metal or tooth coloured braces will be the best solution to your needs and circumstances. If the idea of wearing braces as an adult concern you, it is worth considering the alternative of living the rest of your life with a smile that you don’t like. A relatively short time wearing braces followed by the ability to smile freely without worrying about your teeth seems a small inconvenience. There is also the added benefit of being able to keep your teeth and gums healthy in the long term, as they will be easier to clean.

It is never more important to practice good oral hygiene than when undergoing orthodontics treatment. A meticulous brushing and flossing routine, particularly when wearing fixed braces will prevent plaque and tartar build-up around the brackets and keep your gums healthy. It is advised you schedule regular cleaning appointments with our Dental Pro therapists to ensure optimum oral health is maintained. would you like to know more? Call us today!

Our orthodontist specialist has extensive knowledge and experience in alternative techniques, such as the use of accelerated orthodontics, implants and partial braces, which can be a suitable alternative to full braces in some cases.

The payment option available are:

  • Interest-FREE monthly installment payment plan is available. We will design a payment plan to suites your need. Talk to us, we are happy to help!!
  • Pay the total cost upfront, we will reward you back with 5% discount.